Majah Hype (TEST - SOLD OUT)

FRI, OCT 9 | 8PM 
Hard Rock Live
This is a sold out test event

Comedian Majah Hype comes to Hard Rock Live on Friday, October 9 at 8 PM. Hype, known to his adoring fans as “the Caribbean King of Comedy,” took social media by storm with the brand of humor he calls “reality comedy.” Producing and starring in sketches online featuring impersonations of characters that poke fun at various stereotypes associated with Caribbean, Latin and African-American cultures, Hype has built up a social media following of more than 1 million followers. As a stand-up comedian, Hype improvises his routines delivering unscripted punchlines around everyday experiences that connect Afro-Caribbean people.

With fans throughout Canada, the UK, South America and the Caribbean diaspora, Hype continues to headline and sell out around the world and has opened for legends such as Paul Mooney, Cedric The Entertainer, John- Witherspoon, Michael Blackson, Mike Yard, Tony Woods and Brandon T. Jackson. Hype has also made appearances on “The Wendy Williams Show,” “The Breakfast Club,” TIDAL’s “Money & Violence” and BET.

Terms & Conditions

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